Gift Certificates

Pilates is a great body- workout which stabilizes your joints and balances all muscles in your body. Center your corestrength and enjoy the strengthened and relaxed feeling after the class. A gift certificate will be nice for people, who wants to do something good for the body and try a new kind of mind-body-movement. You will release tension in your body and reduce your stress-level.

The following gift certificates can be choosen:

Trial Group
Trial Private Class
10-hour card group classes
20-hour card group classes
4 hours of private classes

20,- Euro
95,- Euro
235,- Euro
430,- Euro
392,- Euro

If you want to choose a different amount please contact us: 016094813409.

After ordering the gift certificate we will contact you by email. The gift certificate will be sent to you after payment.

Trial Group 20,- Euro
Trial Private Class 95,- Euro
10-hour card group classes 235,- Euro
20-hour card group classes 430,- Euro
4 hours of private classes 392,- Euro

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The gift certificate is valid for a period of 1 year after payment. A transfer or payment of the amount of the gift certificate is not possible.

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