Courses Offered


Open for all levels- the trainer will make an excellent choice of exercises which fit all particpants best.

Pilates 1

The most effective full-body-workout for beginners and participants, who come for quite a while, but want to stay in level 1. You will get a perfect experience of Pilates on the mat
(30 minutes) and on the equipment (25 minutes).

Pilates 2/3

Maximal intensive training for experienced Pilates Fans. Complex exercises will challenge your coordination and make you fit. Define your shape!
30 minutes mat and 25 minutes on the equipment.


A controlled precise workout, which should give your back more flexibility and strength.
30 minutes mat and 25 minutes equipment.

Reformer 1

The most effective equipment Reformer is used for the full training session. 60 minutes with the equipment (Reformer)- define your arms, legs and center yourself.

Reformer 2

The next level- if you are already experienced you can challenge yourself with this more intensive Reformer-Workout.
60 minutes with the equipment (Reformer).

Power Reformer

Here you experience effective, but not complicates exercises- if you are fit, this hour is for you.


A maximum of 6 participants, who should be experienced already, will get a terrific workout with the equipment (Chair). Challenge your core stability, balance, coordination. Super-Definition for arms, legs and glutes.

Power Mat

Intensive Mat Exercises with or without small equipment, like flexbands, fitness circle etc.

Power Pilates

Want a bootcamp- so this is for you- nothing complicated, but effective for the full body.

Stability Barre

Do you want to burn calories: please join us at the barre- we do an easy ballett workout, which is fine for everbody. We keep it simply and enjoy easy ballett steps and have fun all together.

Yoga inspired Pilates Reformer

Discover how classical yoga-exercise will be done on the Reformer- you will be challenge by standing exercises on the moving platform of the Reformer. Improve your joint stability and flexibility with this calming hour.

Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission.